“HOUDIJK – First in Biscuit Feeding”. With recent developments like the VISION SELECTOR, the HOUDIJK CAPPER, the FLEX-SKIPPER piling system and the INFLOW product buffer system, HOUDIJK are setting new standards for high capacity, high speed biscuit feeding aligned with low cost of ownership, hygienic design and vertical start-up.

HOUDIJK are focused on handling biscuits from an oven or cooling conveyor in to a HOUDIJK CAPPER™, a sandwiching machine, a HOUDIJK CLIPPER™ or a wrapping arena.

The HOUDIJK FLOWMASTER™ will distribute biscuits to multiple wrapping legs. Suitable for high volume sandwich biscuits, wire cut or deposited cookies and chocolate enrobed biscuits. The system will accept randomly organized products or regimented rows of product.

The HOUDIJK GRADOMATIC™ row forming system is for round products randomly organized. The biscuits are blended and very gently handled for count feeding. The unit is very safe despite its open design making operation, cleaning and maintenance very easy.

The HOUDIJK LINEMASTER™ is a product row forming system for non-uniform shaped product. The LINEMASTER™ handles product individually after they have been redistributed into a single file.

The HOUDIJK SKIPPER™ is a pile loading system for plain biscuits. Directly from the oven or the cooling conveyor the biscuits come in to the SKIPPER™ system in which they are gently individually separated from the vertical magazine by means of a servo driven horizontal indexing disc. The biscuits are subsequently placed at the designated pitch in to the infeed chain of the flow wrapper creating pre-set count piles.

The HOUDIJK CLIPPER™ is a volumetric slug loader for biscuits on edge. Suitable for loading biscuits or crackers round, oval, square or rectangular in shape in to the flight-bar of the down-stream wrapping machine.

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