ROYAL DUYVIS WIENER for 1st Process Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacture.

Founded in 1885 in the heart of the Dutch cocoa industry ROYAL DUYVIS WIENER have grown a powerful program of Cocoa and Chocolate processing systems by the further acquisition of other famous chocolate industry names LEHMANN (founded in 1834) specialists in Bean Roasting, Sterilizing, Winnowing, Liquor Grinding, cocoa butter Pressing and Refining. More recently THOUET joined the group bringing their expertise in Conches and cocoa Pulverising plant.

The latest member to join the family is JAF INOX who were South America’s gourmet chocolate complete system machine manufacturers  for the small volume producer from “Bean to Bar”.

Exploiting their expertise in handling beans in large quantities, LOG 5 was developed as a complete nut pasteurisation, sterilising and roasting system which reaches an unparalleled level of log reduction. The AwCP system is suitable for the pasteurisation of spice, herbs, seeds, grain and flour. A minimum Log 5 is guaranteed.

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