DUMOULIN, a Paris based family owned company, is the market leader in automated confectionery coating equipment.

DUMOULIN manufacture a complete range of automatic, high capacity Chocolate and Sugar/Sugar Free pan coating and varnishing systems for Chocolate, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications. From the Laboratory size 9 litre TVV pan, through the 330 litre Chocolate LOGIC and Sugar LOGIX pans to the IDA systems with pan capacities up to 3000 kg.

Expertise, developed over 50 years, has produced optimum fine droplet chocolate and varnish spraying systems using hot water jacketed air spray guns. Similar finesse has been applied to the soft panning with sugar powders, dextrin, cocoa powder etc. DUMOULIN takes responsibility for all the infrastructure to ensure they have total control of the production environment.

A test and development laboratory is available for DUMOULIN customers to test in and validate installations. Using your own products and coatings you can develop new and innovative products in cooperation with DUMOULIN technicians. The lab is available for confectionery coating trials (sugar or chocolate), pharmaceutical trials or for the optimization of special coatings.

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